The Sorority Visits UMass Dartmouth’s School of Community Nursing!

The Sorority and UMass Dartmouth's Community Nursing Seniors

The Sorority and UMD Community Nursing Seniors

Thursday after school, our young women of The Sorority at Normandin Middle School, visited with Seniors at the School of Nursing at University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

The Sorority sisters were hosted by the Senior’s, they took a tour of the campus, visited the Simulation Lab (which very few visitors get to do), participated in a self-esteem exercise and most of all they made new friends and saw for themselves – new options, possibilities, and choices!

New Bedford’s Finest, Now One of Boston’s Finest!

Jennifer Penton

Jennifer Penton

Thursday afternoon, one of Boston’s Finest, Jennifer Penton,  visited with our young women of The Sorority at Normandin Middle School. Jennifer grew up in New Bedford, is a Normandin alum, so who better to visit and speak at the Sorority? Standard Times Post

Jennifer served on the New Bedford Police Department for three years until she decided to make a lateral transfer to the Boston Police Department, where’s she’s worked for the last five-and-a-half years.

Video: Respect, Responsibility and Relationship

Song Available on Itunes – “It’s called respect” by the Fearless Lions. Students sing/perform a rap song about respecting others.

Who influenced you as a young woman?

Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

We’re building a network of gifted, connected women.

The Sorority for Middle school girls kicks off its second year at the Normandin Middle School in New Bedford.

We’re looking for guest speakers for Thursday afternoons, in school, after school, from 3-4pm.